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About Chris


Chris McClatchey is a nationally recognized speaker who teaches individuals, from beginning investors to seasoned professionals, how to change their perspective to build and maintain a successful lifestyle through investing in real estate. As an attorney, a licensed real estate agent, a seasoned real estate investor with over 20 years of experience, hundreds of deals under his belt and a multi-million dollar investment portfolio, Chris has pretty much experienced it all. He prides himself on the ability to educate passionate individuals. Through the use of education, networking, great mentoring and an immersive hands on approach, Chris has been able to turn his experience and talent into easily followable systems that are guaranteed to make a difference in any investors life. Chris originally started his career as a litigation attorney, but quickly realized his time was worth more to him than his salary. His passion for effectively communicating has been a major key to his success. Chris is known for his no money down deals, his out of the box approach to financing and his award winning "Power of Zero" presentation.

What Does Chris Teach?

Chris is an international educator and coach teaching individuals how to develop Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolios using their retirement plans, private money, creative financing techniques and partnerships. Some of the things you can learn from Chris are:

  • "The Power of Zero" (O% Seller Financing)
  • Creating No Money Down Deals
  • Creative Real Estate Techniques
  • Transaction Engineering

"It doesn't Matter What You Get, It Matters What You Give."

Chris believes that everyone is capable of better managing their time and money, and he's dedicated to assisting people in discovering their "Why" and learning to incorporate the "How", in order to 'get out of their job and into their life'. Chris actively participates as a volunteer leader in several National REIA groups, is the owner of Coastal Florida REIA and is passionate about making a difference in the investment community. Chris is actively involved in local charities, volunteer groups, and considers being able to make an impact on an individuals life one of the most satisfying aspects of his journey. 


Lisa Hansen

"Chris is an engaging and dynamic speaker who delivers on the need of both promoters and audiences alike. His engaging personality and cutting-edge content put him light years ahead of the competition. His legal and real estate background give him instant credibility with attendees, and his creative uses for new tech tools are always a hit. If you're looking for a speaker to either book or listen to, Chris should be at the top of your list."

Greg Dabicci

Hi Chris. Thank you for creating and delivering the Millionaire Mastery event. It was very powerful and I learned a lot of useful information. I'm so grateful to be part of the "family" and always look forward to interacting with you. It's amazing how much value comes from the simplest, shortest chapter meeting you do all the way up to intensive, 4-day marathon events like this one. Thanks again for all of your hard work and the dedication to my success.

Ruby Singh

“I can’t wait until the next seminar organized by Chris McClatchey. I attend many shows and seminars around the country, but the [RE Investment Academy] was my most favorite and best of all. It was so genuine, original, and full of education and wisdom, that I can’t describe the enthusiasm I got out of it. Thank you for bringing such a good variety of speakers along, with the unforgettable entertainment show; it was awesome!! Looking forward to buying your package and doing a head start with your guidance!”

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